Les spécialités artisanales de Fès, Tiznit et Essaouira !

The artisanal specialties of Fez, Tiznit and Essaouira!

Moroccan craftsmanship is rich and is part part of the cultural heritage of the country. It brings together several disciplines such as tannery, pottery, tapestry or brassware. It is one of the main economic activities of the country since the products are consumed by locals as well as tourists or exported abroad. Each city has a craft specialty and we present 3 of them in this article!

  1. The city of FEZ is known for the art of ceramics. Indeed, the pottery and glazed ceramics industries are among the oldest and most important activities of the city. In general, the glazed ceramics of Fez have 2 variants: monochrome ceramic (blue on a white background) and polychrome.

  2. The city of TIZNIT is known for the artisanal manufacture of Berber jewelry . The know-how of silver jewelery is the subject of an important intergenerational transmission. Craftsmen handcraft an impressive range of pieces ranging from necklaces to crowns or even with silver fibulae.

  3. The city of ESSAOUIRA is known for woodworking and in particular cedar marquetry , a technique consisting of "digging a cavity in the wood to place another contrasting wood species or pieces of another material". Artisans work the root of cedar to make everyday and decorative objects.
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